If you’ve been wanting to get to know the men and women of Riverdale a little better, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here you’ll find the personnel files of the RPD officers and criminalists from the Calera County Crime Lab who protect and serve this community. Find out what makes them tick.

Riverdale Police Department 4th Precinct:

Detective Sergeant Noah Harkham (retired)

Detective Alan Franks

Detective Casey Townsend

Captain Gabriel Ziehring

Officer Aaron Cox

Officer Mike Adelmo

Officer John Reynolds

Officer Milena Byers

Officer Emily Ryzowski


Calera County Crime Laboratory:

Criminalist Neil Coates

Criminalist Conrad Ward

Ballistics Tech Robin “Shots” Dorian

Lead Criminalist Simon Lewis

Criminalist Jake Saddler

A/V Lab Tech Tyler Hendricks

Lead Criminalist Cal Parker (retired)

Shift Manager Rick Mullins


District Attorneys Office:

ADA Gerald Warner



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